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Complete 10-Course Advanced CTB Practitioner Bundle

Complete 10-Course Advanced Practitioner Bundle

Transform your ability to understand and eliminate pain in your clients with the complete CTB Advanced Practitioner package

Join our elite crew of PainHackers and get lifetime access to the most advanced knowledge in the industry.

What you'll get:

  • Foundation Bundle (Year 1)
  • Muscle Liberator™ Percussion Tool
  • Advanced Bundle (Year 2)
  • The CTB Session Library
  • 140 NCBTMB-approved CEs

Our Foundation Bundle establishes your fundamental knowledge of trigger point theory, the CTB treatment approach and the CTB Core Protocols for the most common pain complaints in the body. 

The Advanced Bundle presents in depth anatomy, theory and treatment for critical body areas such as: 

  • Head, Neck and Facial Pain: migraines, TMJD, facial and tooth pain, neck ROM and neck pain, whiplash, hearing and visual disturbances and more.

  • Forearm, Hand Pain: wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, forearm nerve entrapments, elbow pain, more.

  • Lower Leg, Foot and Ankle Pain: plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrom, fibular and peroneal nerve entrapments, calf pain, severe hyperpronation, heel pain, achilles tendon and more.

  • Low Back Pain: Postural collapse, hyperpronation, spinal erectors, iliopsoas, hyperlordosis, spondylisthesis, more.

  • Mid Back Pain: Abdominal muscles, interscapular pain, anterior/posterior mirroring referral, breathing dysfunction and coaching, more.

  • Advanced Sciatic Pain: deep 6 external rotators, piriformis, pelvic floor, hip and gluteal pain, sacral and tailbone pain, more.

This is a terrific opportunity - this material is unparalleled in the industry for its depth and effectiveness. START YOUR JOURNEY AS A PAINHACKER TODAY.

What People Are Saying:

HUGELY EMPOWERING! This course has resonated to the very core of my practice and I am very excited to helping my clients with huge results. I have received one the most beautiful compliments. A client stated "She wished she could give me to the World."

Dawn DeHamer, LMT

Chuck, I have finished the shoulder portion of the Membership course and I believe it is the best class I have taken in years . I found both the notes and videos of the highest grade.

Peter Wyland, DC