$498.00 USD

CTB For Foot, Ankle and Lower Leg Pain - Advanced Bundle (20 CEs)

This bundle consists of the following:

  • CTB Fundamentals (4 CEs)
  • CTB For Foot, Ankle and Lower Leg Pain - Advanced Module (16 CEs)
  • CTB Members Mastermind

These components are also included in the CTB Membership Foundation and Advanced Bundles.

Foot and ankle pain is an extremely important area, because it influences gait, posture and has a dramatic effect on muscles throughout the body. This is a critical pain area that is addressed very completely in the Coaching The Body® system.

Each lesson is packed with information about general topics in analysis and treatment, the poorly understood phenomenon of hyperpronation, regional anatomy, specific conditions and their causes. 

Achieve Dramatic Results With Foot, Ankle and Lower Leg Pain

Learn to resolve challenging foot and ankle pain cases using the state of the art techniques of Coaching The Body® (CTB), a revolutionary modality developed by Chuck Duff. 

Foot and lower leg pain can be debilitating and severe, and can cause other problems up the kinetic chain due to disturbed gait. Foot and ankle pain is an area in which CTB techniques can have some of the most profound benefits. You will learn to address pain and limited movement following breaks and sprains, plantar fasciitis, ankle pain, calf pain and tenderness, rigid ankles, big toe pain and more, as well as learning to address chronic conditions such as hyperpronation and hammer toe.

Help Your Clients Regain Normal Movement Patterns

This in-depth video course guides you through each of the muscles that are responsible for function and dysfunction in the lower leg. Learn the assessments that are critical to helping your clients get and remain out of pain. At each treatment position you will learn what to look for and what decisions to make based on the evidence shown in the body.

This is one of our favorite treatment areas because change can be so fast and dramatic - sometimes eliminating pain in a single session. Restoring normal ankle movement brings with it the incredible benefits associated with returning to normal patterns of walking, exercise, sports and other activities. Exercise and fluid movement in daily activity has a a dramatic positive impact upon overall health.

Ankle rigidity and trigger points are a hidden factor that contribute to balance issues and falls in elderly clients, which then lead to far more severe outcomes. You will learn to confidently provide treatments in this pain area that are literally life-changing.