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CTB For Knee Pain - Foundation (14 CEs)

This bundle includes:

  • CTB Fundamentals Module (4 CEs)
  • CTB For Knee Pain (15 CEs)
  • CTB Members Mastermind

This packed membership module covers in depth the topic of assessing and treating knee pain. Nearly all knee pain has a muscular component, even in the presence of joint damage, inflammation and fluid.

Some knee pain cases are entirely muscular. Most of the muscles of the thigh have a capacity to send referred pain to the area of the knee. These cases can often be quickly resolved.

There is a complex interaction between the muscles that cross the knee joint and conditions within the joint.

When the quadriceps and hamstrings shorten and become tight, they have a tendency to reduce available joint space and cause increased pressure on the meniscus or patellar track. This produces inflammation, and may lead to tears and damage in connective tissue which may be diagnosed as Runner's Knee, Chondromalacia Patella or Patellar Tracking Disorder.

Conversely, the quadriceps and hamstrings tend to develop trigger points in the presence of proprioceptive danger signals coming from the joint. This is due to the body's tendency to use taut fibers to splint the joint to stabilize it. Unfortunately this leads to more pain and more pressure on the joint, so a vicious cycle ensues.

We can often have a very beneficial effect on knee pain by intervening with Coaching The Body® techniques on the relevant muscles. This interrupts the vicious cycle and begins the process of downregulating the body's protective splinting. 

Knee pain can be crippling, but as a qualified CTB PainHacker. you will be able to provide significant help for your clients with knee pain.