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Advanced Bundle (Year 2)

Advanced Bundle (Year 2): 

NOTE: The Advanced Bundle depends upon knowledge established in the Foundation Bundle. If you have not taken previous CTB Courses, you should enroll in the Foundation Bundle first. 

Become a CTB Advanced Practitioner with the most sophisticated and effective system for understanding and treating pain in the industry.

Building upon the core knowledge of the CTB Foundation Bundle, the Advanced Bundle presents in depth anatomy, theory and treatment for critical body areas such as: 

  • Head, Neck and Facial Pain: migraines, TMJD, facial and tooth pain, neck ROM and neck pain, whiplash, hearing and visual disturbances and more.

  • Forearm, Hand Pain: wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, forearm nerve entrapments, elbow pain, more.

  • Lower Leg, Foot and Ankle Pain: plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrom, fibular and peroneal nerve entrapments, calf pain, severe hyperpronation, heel pain, achilles tendon and more.

  • Low Back Pain: Postural collapse, hyperpronation, spinal erectors, iliopsoas, hyperlordosis, spondylisthesis, more.

  • Mid Back Pain: Abdominal muscles, interscapular pain, anterior/posterior mirroring referral, breathing dysfunction and coaching, more.

  • Advanced Sciatic Pain: deep 6 external rotators, piriformis, pelvic floor, hip and gluteal pain, sacral and tailbone pain, more.