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Our flagship practitioner training, including the fantastic Muscle Liberator‚ĄĘ + 70+ CEs!¬†
Turbocharge your manual therapy practice by understanding how to discover and treat the TRUE sources of pain in your clients.


You'll get:

  • 77 NCBTMB-Approved CEs
  • CTB Fundamentals
  • CTB Upper Body Pain: Foundation
  • CTB Lower Body Pain Foundation
  • CTB Knee Pain Foundation
  • CTB Hip, Thigh Pain Advanced
  • Muscle Liberator‚ĄĘ Advanced Trigger Point Percussion Tool


PainHacker's Guide: Finding the Origins & Perpetuators of Pain (6 CEs)

Most pain comes from muscles that have adapted to acute or chronic stresses in the body. When muscles are under stress, they are likely to develop trigger points, which have been shown in several studies to be responsible for the vast majority of pain in the body.

CTB consists of a precise system of analysis, manual therapy and self care techniques, and assessments that allow us to understand the effect of important perpetuating factors on the person's pain.

This course goes into detail about how we analyze the factors that set up a person't pain condition. This is the most important part of what we do, and the course will provide invaluable techniques for assessing, analyzing and correcting the perpetuating factors that always make pain return.

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Functional Anatomy for Bodywork, Movement and Yoga (10 CEs)

Functional anatomy is an essential area of knowledge for anyone who wants to help people with pain. If we understand the true action and function of each muscle in the body, we understand what activities would be limited by that muscle (daily activities, yoga postures, etc.), how it might be likely to get into trouble, how to contract and stretch it.

We teach Functional Anatomy in a way that integrates a sophisticated understanding of muscle function with trigger point knowledge, palpation, neurological entrapments and more. Key knowledge for your manual therapy or fitness instruction practice - gain elite skills that set you apart from others in your field.

Sale Price: $499 $349 (30% Off)

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PainHacker's Guide: The Core Shoulder Protocol (10 CEs)

We've been working successfully with severe shoulder pain using the principles of¬†Coaching The Body¬ģ¬†for over¬†20¬†years. Pain can be resolved quickly if you understand the compensations and patterns of engagement that the body puts into place as imbalance begins to develop.

While there are nearly 30 muscles that potentially can be involved in shoulder pain referral, you will benefit from our years of experience in being able to isolate the handful of "core" shoulder muscles that are responsible for the vast majority of shoulder pain. Become a shoulder pain rockstar and revolutionize your manual therapy practice!

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PainHacker's Guide: The Core Sciatica and Hip Pain Protocol (12 CEs)

The syndrome informally called sciatica is poorly understood by almost everyone. Travell & Simons point out that sciatica is not a diagnosis - the term is only descriptive of a pattern of pain that may involve hip, gluteal, low back and radiating leg pain. In particular, there is no assumption of sciatic nerve involvement, or neurological origins of any kind.

These pain patterns almost always stem from trigger points in muscles. In this course, we show you how to analyze and find the true source of the issue, what muscles are generally involved, how to treat them in what order and in what combination with other muscles. This powerful CTB protocol gives you a reliable foundation for successful treatments with this often disabling complaint.

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CTB For Foot, Ankle and Lower Leg Pain - Advanced (20 CEs)

Learn to resolve challenging foot and ankle pain cases using the state of the art techniques of¬†Coaching The Body¬ģ (CTB), a revolutionary modality developed by Chuck Duff. This is one of the most important areas in the body due to its role in¬†maintaining healthy balance, posture and gait.

Foot and lower leg pain can be debilitating and severe, and can cause other problems up the kinetic chain due to disturbed gait. The medical system has a very poor track record in this area, and unnecessary, invasive surgeries are commonplace.

Foot and ankle pain is an area in which CTB techniques can have some of the most profound benefits. You will learn to address pain and limited movement following breaks and sprains, plantar fasciitis, ankle pain, calf pain and tenderness, rigid ankles, big toe pain and more, as well as learning to address chronic conditions such as hyperpronation and hammer toe.

Includes: CTB Fundamentals, CTB for Foot and Ankle Pain & CTB Members Mastermind

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Only $498 $349 (30% Off)

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CTB For Knee Pain - Foundation (18 CEs)

This packed membership module covers in depth the topic of assessing and treating knee pain. Nearly all knee pain has a muscular component, even in the presence of joint damage, inflammation and fluid.

Some knee pain cases are entirely muscular. Most of the muscles of the thigh have a capacity to send referred pain to the area of the knee. These cases can often be quickly resolved.

There is a complex interaction between the muscles that cross the knee joint and conditions within the joint. Even in the presence of major inflammation, CTB techniques can have a deep impact.

Become a knee pain rockstar and revolutionize your manual therapy practice!

Includes: CTB Fundamentals, CTB for Knee Pain & CTB Members Mastermind.

Sale Price:

Only $498 $349 (30% Off)

Split into 4 payments with Afterpay